Body Treatments

Body treatments combine medical and manual equipment to address various issues that affect the body's contour. These aesthetic body treatments (reducing, detoxifying, lipolytic, firming treatments) are performed in a personalized manner, considering the needs and progress of each individual.

Anti-cellulite Full 

Per session                 $60

 Pack of 6 sessions $380

Pack of 12 sessions $300

¿What is Vacuum Therapy? 

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment that seeks, through suction devices, to drain adipose tissue and cellulite by mobilizing localized fat towards the lymphatic system. It is used as an alternative to remove located fat, and can usually be combined with the Cavitation technique.

Vacuum therapy provides a firming effect which can be seen from the first session. However, it must be accompanied by a proper diet and regular physical exercise.

Benefits of vacuum therapy:

  • Perform an effective treatment against localized fat
  •  It is an anti-cellulite, slimming and firming treatment
  • Improves tissue elasticity Combat and eliminate flaccidity
  •  Relieves muscle pain
  •  Cleans pores and detoxifies skin
  •  It is an additional help after cosmetic surgery
  • Elevate the breasts and buttocks 

To achieve the maximum benefits of this therapy, we will provide some advice on diets and ideal exercises to achieve the desired benefits.

Supplementary Recommendations

  • Drink 2 glasses of water before the treatment.
  •  More intake of fruits and vegetables.
  •  Decrease sugar intake.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

At the vascular level, vacuum therapy generates a gymnastics similar to vasoconstriction-vasodilation, making them stronger and slowing down their aging. This exercise helps to unblock the circulation causing blood and oxygen to flow massively towards the adipose and cellulite tissues, thus favoring and accelerating the drainage of toxins.

(Price may vary according to customer needs)

Localized fat reducer 

Per session.               $85

Pack of 6 sessions  $480

Pack of 12 sessions $840

"It is the latest in treatments to lose weight, eliminate fat and cellulite effortlessly"

  • Ultracavitation is the most effective and comfortable method to lose weight, reduce cellulite and eliminate fat, since it presents visible results from the first session and allows direct attack on complicated areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, abdomen and waist. It is called liposuction without surgery or liposculpture without surgery, because it is a non-invasive and painless method. It consists of generating microbubbles or cavities inside the fatty tissue (cavitation) Ultracavitation reduces fat and cellulite through low-frequency, high-power ultrasonic waves that selectively attack fat cells and triglyceride molecules, causing them to break without affecting other tissues. These become liquid and are then eliminated in a natural metabolic way through the urine. The ultrasonic waves converge in the treated area producing the cavitation effect, which is the process that occurs as a result of the application of ultrasound in liquids, generating vacuum microbubbles. This destroys the membranes of the adipocytes, releasing their fatty content, which is broken down and metabolized towards the lymphatic and venous pathways that will lead to its elimination through the urine. In this way, it is the only method that combats the reproduction of fats by eliminating them at the cellular level, thus preventing them from returning.
  • Vacuum therapy is capable of reducing volume, firming the skin and eliminating localized fat, all in the same session. Vacuum therapy consists of the extraction of adipocytes from the tissue to improve the flow of the hypodermis, dermis and epidermis. It works by massaging the area from the inside out, exerting a suction and facilitating the drainage of the liquid that is retained in the cells.

By applying these two combined devices, body fat is eliminated as well as toxins, cellulite is reduced, collagen and elastic are increased and a noticeable texture is achieved in the skin's texture.

¿How is it the procedure?

It is applied by means of a head and gel or conduction oil. For ¿Whom is this treatment indicated?

  • Localized adiposity.
  • Reduction of measures.
  • Body shaping. 

(Price may vary according to customer needs)