"Beauty is strength, is charm, it’s above all a personal attitude, a spiritual quality"

Carmen Vidal.


Meet Rebecca Ferrara Licensed Aesthetician and Owner of “Beauty by Ferrara”

About me

Hello, I am Rebecca Ferrara. I’m a lover of the beach and nature, I love everything that is related to beauty, and psychology. I’m also a lover of reading and animals. I am the mother of a dog and two cats.

My passion for beauty began from my childhood, and when I discovered in my adolescence the world of aesthetics was love at first sight, or in this case at first sensation.

I have combined my training in clinical skin care with my passion for a simple life connected with nature, and with ourselves. This in order to help my patients achieve great results without the need to be invasive or use products or procedures that could be harmful (long and medium term).

I received my aesthetic training at IFE Aesthetic Training; one of the best academies in the country (Costa Rica). In addition, I worked in various aesthetics while I was studying.Always focused on the goal of opening my own beauty center.

When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better and you start to attract better, it all starts with you.

I am a true believer in the law of attraction and how our thoughts and words become our reality. I love inspiring others to feel better about themselves, to be the person they really want to be; to be healthy and happy. I hope we can work together on this journey of health, self-love & personal care.

Kisses & Hugs, Rebe.



We work with the best quality products (Germaine de Cappuccini) to ensure the best experience both at a clinical and sensory level, so that obtaining incredible skin is something you can experience.

Schedule your appointment and let me help you put together the perfect skincare routine to achieve your goals and expectations.



9 months ago I started a process with Rebecca Ferrara since the issue of the pandemic and the prolonged use of the mask had my face destroyed, today 8 months after dedication, clear improvement, thank you Rebe! 100% recommended, the love for her work makes her the best in the world.

Evelyn Martinez

If it weren't for the treatment I would never have these results, it's like training for 6 months in the gym

If it works and I can vouch for it, thanks Rebecca!

Belen Carmen